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The heart of this retreat is that all Gurls, pre-teen up to adults, are called to be leaders and we must be connected in relationship with other Jesus people. This retreat is for us to realize and grow in our influence , capacity, teachability, and character. Those of us who attend this retreat are either connected to teams or life groups at Life Church or will be. We will hear from a variety of talented, life-giving speakers, in fresh and timely material. We will room together, eat together, learn together, and experience smaller break-out sessions and quiet reflection time. Watch for event updates on Facebook & final details to be emailed in April!

IMPORTANT: Full payment & completed roommate list is required to confirm your registration. The “Room Leader” is responsible for room arrangements. No changes will be allowed after March 14th. No refunds or substitutions.

*ROOM: 2 queen-size beds, mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, safe, TV. If you need help finding a roommate, please pay for a 2-person room & we will pair you with someone.

*MEALS: Cost includes dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday. Bring money for breakfast on Saturday, if desired.

*COST: $245.00 per person for 1 person/room = $245 total. $180.00 per person for 2 people/room = $360 total. $155.00 per person for 3 people/room = $465 total. $145.00 per person for 4 people/room = $580 total.

WHEN YOU REGISTER, make sure you select "Only Me" when asked who you are registering. If you choose to register online, you will register an entire room at once. You can also register by bringing cash and/or checks to the Welcome Center or Life Church Office.

Attendee Types

  • $245 – Single Room
  • $360 – 2 Person Room
  • $465 – 3 Person Room
  • $580 – 4 Person Room
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Gurls Retreat 2018

Event Details

  • Apr 20
    1:00 pm
    Apr 21
    4:00 pm